Beach destination wedding
Bride spinning dress
Wedding Couple in the Vizcaya Gardens Miami Fl.
Bride at Vizcaya Gardens Miami Fl.
Bride and groom holding hands
Bride & Groom
Bride and Groom walking  on the dock in  Marina
Bride dancing on the beach
Garden Wedding
Bride and Groom on beach with Baby Boy
Bride's Veil blowing in the wind oceanside
Wedding day on the beach at sunrise with daughter and son.
Wedding rings and sand united into one sharred life bottle
Newlyweds posing in Gazebo overlooking ocean
Bride in a  limo with flowers
Wedding Kiss
Groom thrown into the air
Barefoot wedding couple kissing on beach
Rapper Wedding
Flower toss
Beach Wedding
Church Wedding
Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom fun at the Beach Wedding
Vizcaya Gardens Wedding
Groom and wedding party arriving in flip flops and tuxedos
Wedding walk
Bride and Groom gazing at the moon
Bride in the garden smiling
Wedding Cake Fight